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About Katia Valadeau is all about simple and well made food with a strong emphasis on ingredients provenance. Katia cooks with seasonal, local ingredients and is passionate about Ireland as a food tourism destination. Join her as she drives around Ireland to meet with small producers and discovers the stories behind Irish food.

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Janine Kennedy: Standing up to male egos in the kitchen

Janine Kennedy is a chef, teacher and food writer – and she says it’s time women stopped being ‘man pleasers’…

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A love affair with Las Tapas de Lola, Dublin

I remember when Las Tapas De Lola first opened. I was working on Adelaide Road and I had gone to…

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Natural wine – what is it all about?

Natural wines are fast becoming a very popular option in bars, off-licences and restaurants – but what really is a…

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The farmer on a mission to promote sheep’s milk yogurt

Aisling Flanagan is a woman on a mission – to get you to eat sheep’s milk yogurt. It has nothing…

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Jillian Bolger: A life in food journalism

Simply put, Jillian Bolger is one of Ireland’s most successful freelancers. She has nigh on 20 years editing experience writing about…

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Meet Sheena Dignam, Ireland’s best food tour guide

I met Sheena Dignam over two years ago, and I still remember her catching enthusiasm, her deep knowledge of Irish…