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About Peterson Farm Bros

The Peterson Farm Brothers are 3 brothers from central Kansas who create social media content to promote agriculture. Their YouTube videos have received over 50 million total views and they have a large online following. The brothers grew up and still work on a family farm near Assaria, KS with their parents and sister. All 3 brothers attended Kansas State University. Greg graduated in 2013, majoring in Agricultural Communications and Journalism. Nathan graduated in 2016, majoring in Agriculture Technology Management. Kendal graduated in 2018, majoring in Agribusiness. Greg married his wife BrookeAnna in March of 2018. Kendal married his wife Caelan in May of 2018. Due to their online success, the brothers have had many opportunities to promote agriculture around the world. Their goal is still to operate the family farm together, but hope to make a positive impact with their social media content.


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