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Hi, I am just your average British farmer, sharing with you my day to day life on our mixed farm in Buckinghamshire. Come and join me for the highs and lows of farming cattle and sheep, along with growing a variety of crops for us and our animals to eat. Laugh with me, laugh at me, I don't mind, just come and see how great British food is produced and why we do what we do.

Lockdown Learning

Video: Our multi-coloured field of cute calves

Farmer Rich Heady show us his five different breeds of cow and two breeds of bull, that have given a…

The Big Issues

“Don’t panic, we’ve got sheds of wheat and fields of beef”

Listen to a short sound snippet from English farmer Rich Heady, about his thoughts on coronavirus and food. Rich says:…

Farm Diaries

‘Too much tail’: When a farmer’s crop gets rejected

We have all our grain sampled and tested so that we know the quality of our crops, and where best…

Farm Diaries

Video: Rich Heady ‘bedding the cattle’

Just to clarify, when I ‘bed the cattle’ it is very different to bedding a woman or man 🙈. Bedding…

Farm Diaries

Rich’s farm diaries: Climate change and lusty rams

I hope you have all enjoyed Veganuary…a lot of farmers get their knickers in a twist about this, but when…

Farm Diaries

Behind the scenes at Oxford Farming Conference 2020

I was lucky enough to be selected as an ‘Emerging Leader’ for this years Oxford Farming Conference. Here is a…

The Big Issues

Video: Bringing a livestock market back to the market square

Winslow Christmas Primestock show has been going 150 years. It is a show and sale of cattle and sheep, right…

Farm Diaries

Autumn on Heady’s farm – told by farmer, Rich

This years’ Autumn crop planting has been a disaster. Every time the soil got close to being dry enough to…

Farm Diaries

Video: A new lease of life for Rich’s oilseed rape?

Mixed farmer, Rich Heady, in Buckinghamshire, England,  gives an update on how his oilseed rape is coping with the 2019…

Farm Diaries

Video: Rich Heady on his first field of direct drilled wheat

Direct drilling our first field of wheat for 2019. New season, new seed drill, new method. lets hope we can…

Farm Diaries

It’s a wet autumn on Heady’s Farm

During October we should have been busy planting next year’s crops, but for the large part ground conditions have been…

Farm Diaries

Harvest 2019 is finished on Heady’s Farm

After a couple of weeks of waiting the final parts of our Spring oilseed rape fields are now ripe and…

The Big Issues

After another dry summer, Heady’s Farm is making changes

With harvest finished, we are looking back on a very dry summer for the second year running – has this…

Food Files

Blackberry picking at Heady’s farm

Go out into the countryside and pick yourself some blackberries, and then make blackberry and apple crumble! This recipe works…

Food Files

Harvesting oats for your breakfast

Harvesting oats today, these will hopefully go to make breakfast cereal or porridge oats. The weather has flattened the oat…

Farm Diaries

The cattle make themselves a paddling pool

Livestock often find ways to cause trouble. This time they have broken the water trough twice, lets get it fixed.