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Hi, I am just your average British farmer, sharing with you my day to day life on our mixed farm in Buckinghamshire. Come and join me for the highs and lows of farming cattle and sheep, along with growing a variety of crops for us and our animals to eat. Laugh with me, laugh at me, I don't mind, just come and see how great British food is produced and why we do what we do.

Farm Diaries

Rich on farm: Dodging rain to combine

Let’s press on with the combining and try and get as much done as possible before we get rained off……

The Big Issues

New houses, new farming problems

As Milton Keynes city moves closer to us every year, it bring a fresh set of challenges. Trampled tracks appear…

Farm Diaries

Let’s get the barley harvested before the rain comes

The rain plays a massive part in the UK harvest. We cant combine the crops wet as the moisture will…

Farm Diaries

Why do we grow barley and what is it for?

The barley we grow goes to feed our cattle, whilst the straw is used for their bedding. It helps keep…

Farm Diaries

Video: Harvest 2019 is go at Heady Farm

Harvest 2019 has started, so lets get combining. Rich is a mixed farmer in Buckinghamshire, England.

The Big Issues

What do legumes have to do with conservation?

Watch the fabulous Rich Heady explain more in this short video from his farm. Farming Jargon: ‘Topping our countryside stewardship…

Farm Diaries

What are our crops and how are they looking?

As combine harvesters start to work around the country, I take the opportunity to share what we have growing, and…

The Big Issues

Why we use chemicals on our crops

We try to minimise our chemical use on the farm, but this video shows how important pesticides can be to…

The Big Issues

The importance of our cattle and sheep pastures

Why cattle and sheep are so important to wildlife diversity on our farm (our lovely flower-filled pastures)… *Rich says: Hi,…

Farm Diaries

Cute calves: Our multi-coloured field

Farmer Rich Heady show us his five different breeds of cow and two breeds of bull, that have given a…

Farm Diaries

What is silage and how is it made?

The last few days we have been making clamp-silage. Check out this video to find out what it is, why…

Farm Diaries

To the rescue: How to save a sheep stuck in wire

Sheep sometimes get their heads stuck through wire fencing whilst nibbling at the hedge. If you see this, you can…

Farm Diaries

How to ‘right a cast sheep’ – and save its life

It is strange but true that sheep can get stuck on their backs (‘cast’) a bit like a tortoise. This…

The Big Issues

Drought and disease are killing our crop

Six months on from our crop of oilseed rape getting killed by flea beetle and drought, we decided to have…

Food Files

How farmers plant seeds – or ‘drilling’

Sowing the seeds to grow an arable crop (drilling), isn’t just a case of chucking the seed on the field….

Farm Diaries

Video: The lambs have a ‘Spring’ in their step

A group of lambs love spring time on our British farm – watch them running and jumping together in the…