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About Hannah Binns

I’m Hannah, a 22 year old farmer’s daughter from Lancashire, England. ‘Home’ is a working family upland farm situated in the iconic Pendle Hill landscape and consists roughly of 2,500 Mule and Swaledale sheep. I am currently based in Leamington Spa, working as a agricultural policy graduate trainee for the National Farmers Union (NFU).

The Big Issues

Top tips: Staying safe on farm

I’m incredibly proud to be a part of British farming – it is a profession that is diverse and rewarding….

Practical Farming

10 things you’ll know if you grew up on a farm

Being at home last summer made me feel nostalgic. Here are 10 things you will know if you grew up…

The Big Issues

Advice for farmers battling mental ill-health

Mental health is a subject that unfortunately attracts so much stigmatism. But it is time to change this! With campaigns…

Farm Diaries

11 people to spot at auction marts

Up and down the country auction marts are at the heart of the farming industry, fostering a sense of community…

The Big Issues

Wall-to-wall sunshine: The UK drought

*This was posted in summer 2018 at the height of the UK drought. The impacts have gone on to affect…