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Conventional farmers, sustainable talk. A podcast for farmers, by farmers.


Generational perspectives on farming – what’s changed?

We bring you our first live show, recorded at Farmfest in Morgan, Minnesota and bring back some pals you heard…

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Third crops – can they pay?

We know that corn and soybeans are the most economically viable crops we have on farms, at least in the…

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Cover crops part 3: Can they work in northern USA?

Field Work host Zach Johnson has tried planting cover crops a few times on his heavy clay soils in Central…


Beyond the wind break: Sustainable farming at a community scale

Many farmers care about soil health, water quality, and about being good neighbours to each other and to people in…

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Drain tiles in farming – friend or foe?

Drain tiles dry out and warm up fields, boost productivity, and extend growing seasons, which can make them important economically….


How can data make farming more sustainable?

Farmers collect a lot of data on fields, inputs, and yields. But many questions remain about how to use the…


Consumers want sustainably grown food, but who pays?

Consumers are demanding more sustainably grown food. So are big food companies. But how willing are they to offset the…


Cover crops part 2: Recycling your nutrient dollars

Cover crops blanket the soil from the time you harvest one crop until you plant the next. And there’s a…

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Nutrient management: Find that nitrogen sweet spot

Nutrient management is an art as much as it is a science. And nitrogen, in particular, can be a difficult…


Hype or hope?: Precision farming and sustainability

There are a lot of technologies available these days like sensors, geo-mapping, robots, and all sorts of other big data…


Don’t treat your soil like dirt

Many farmers have heard the alarming statistic that we’re losing topsoil to erosion about 10 times faster than it can…


Landowners and lenders: Getting them on board with sustainability

Sometimes the hurdles to sustainable practices come from people right in a farmer’s network; family, landowners, neighbours, seed dealers, and…

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Cover crops part 1: What newbies should consider

There are a lot of big questions to consider for farmers interested in trying out cover crops. Perhaps the most…


Meet Zach and Mitchell of Field Work podcast

Who are the hosts of the Field Talk podcast and what drives their interest in sustainable agriculture? Zach Johnson, a…


‘Conservation tillage’ – what is it and should we give it a try?

University of Minnesota extension specialist Jodi DeJong-Hughes joins Zach and Mitchell to talk about conservation tillage, including a recent study…