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About Farmher Bloggs - Chloe Dunne

Farmer Bloggs is part of PhD research project shining a light on women in UK agriculture. The research aims to promote greater awareness, recognition and support for women in UK farming whilst contributing to the overall sustainability of the sector. The project is being undertaken at the University of Nottingham, with help from NFU Mutual Charitable Trust, and is led by Chloe Dunne. Chloe is a passionate ag-vocate. She also works in agricultural PR and marketing and is keen get industry involved with this project in as many ways as possible. She’s clear that this research is not about giving women in agriculture special treatment or an advantage over men. It’s about levelling the field and cultivating a sustainable future. When she’s not busy working or researching, she also has her own smallholding and works on her partners beef and arable farm. Her other favourite things are travelling, and chilling with her old english sheepdog.


Why we need to research women in agriculture

Agriculture has been, and often still is, viewed as a traditionally male dominated sector. From operating machinery to shifting heavy…