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After working in various jobs from magazines to film media, Tom returned to the family farm in May 2015 and has built up a popular social media presence - Farmer Tom - aiming to ‘show people what happens on the other side of the farm gate’. Tom certainly doesn’t believe he’s here to make up the numbers and gets involved in projects far and wide to promote fantastic British farming and rural Life, recently launching the successful ‘FaceTime a Farmer’ initiative linking farmers and schools for fortnightly Skype calls.

The Big Issues

Beef and water stats – are my ears deceiving me?

Once again, I’m astounded by the misinformation put out there about meat and water.  This week, many UK water companies,…

The Big Issues

‘Show us your crack Tom’: Drought hits the farm

Farm update: It’s incredibly dry here on the farm, and without further rain we risk losing our whole spring crop…

Farm Diaries

An English farmer and his digger

Part of my job as a farmer is to keep the ditches and drains running, which helps the soil and…

The Big Issues

Can nitrogen-fixing bacteria save the world?

NEWSFLASH: Today is the beginning of a new era on the farm (possibly). We’re beginning field-scale trials using bacteria 🦠…