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About Farmer Luke

I'm a Cambridgeshire-based farmer showing and explaining (mainly at a children’s level) the fascinating and entertaining world of food and farming. I show kids how farmers do stuff, why they do stuff and what they do it with! From wheat to combine harvesters, Farmer Luke explains ??


How are potatoes bagged? Farmer Luke shows us

Farmer Luke shows us how we grade and bag potatoes on the farm, into 25 kgs bags ready for you…

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Tractors can steer themselves?! Farmer Luke explains how!

Tractors driving themselves might seem like a thing of the future, but in fact, that sci-fi version of life is…


Life hack: How to open a bag of potatoes without cutting the bag

Can’t find your scissors? Need to open a bag of potatoes? Farmer Luke shares his life hack for how to…


Storing potatoes in the shed with Farmer Luke

Farmer Luke explains how he puts the harvested potatoes in the shed to store, so they can be sold throughout…


How are potatoes harvested? Farmer Luke explains

Farmer Luke shows us how he harvests his potatoes down on his farm. About Farmer Luke:  I’m a Cambridgeshire-based farmer…

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What is ‘bog oak’? Farmer Luke explains ??

What is bog oak? Where is it found? Farmer Luke explains this fascinating natural phenomenon ??

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Inside Farmer Luke’s tractor cab! ?

Farmer Luke takes us on a tour around the his tractor cab, explaining what all the buttons and leavers do!…

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How things are attached to the tractor, with Farmer Luke

Farmer Luke shows us how farm implements are attached to a tractor, such as a plough, or a trailer ??.

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What is subsoiling? Farmer Luke explains

Farmer Luke explains why ‘flat-lifting’ or ‘subsoiling’ is important for crop/ soil health??..

How is sugar beet harvested? Farmer Luke explains

Farmer luke shows us how sugar beet is harvested and how the sugar beet harvester works ?? About Luke I’m…