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We are Bryan Wood and Mike Kline. After nearly 2 years of talking about starting a podcast to offer a voice to the Organic Farmer we finally did it. Our goal for this podcast is to connect people with organic farmers across the country, from Amish country in Ohio and Indiana to farmers on the West Coast. Join us as we travel back to the agricultural roots of our childhood and have conversations with farmers who's livelihood is Organic Farming.

Farm Diaries

From Holland to the USA: Building an organic farming co-op

Today’s podcast tells the story of a community forming around organic agriculture. In 1999 Tineke Veldhuis moved to the Williamsburg,…

The Big Issues

Listen: The agrarian life with Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry has published more than eighty books of poetry, fiction, essays, and criticism, but he’s perhaps best known for…

Farm Diaries

What’s life like on an Amish dairy farm?

Tim and Katie Kline are organic dairy farmers in Holmes County, Ohio. They speak with us about how they got…

Food Files

From grain to glass: Meet the farmer and distiller

We are joined by Dean McIlvane, organic grain farmer, and Kevin Thomas, owner and master distiller at Western Reserve Distillery….

Farm Diaries

What’s it like having 400 organic dairy cows in Wisconsin?

Our 50th episode features Ron Miller of R&G Miller and Sons Dairy of Central, Wisconsin. There is no doubt that we…

Farm Diaries

John Palmer on starting his organic farm in Iowa

John is an organic dairy farmer with Organic Valley – he discusses getting his farm started in Waukon, IA. It…

The Big Issues

Composting Cleveland: Food waste and the ‘Rust Belt Riders’

Nathan Rutz and Michael Robinson started Rust Belt Riders and Tilth Soil where they compost food waste. They are an…

The Big Issues

Meet the ‘soil whisperer’

Mike and Bryan had the opportunity to sit down with the “soil whisperer” Ray Archuleta. What an amazing story he…

The Big Issues

Organic dairy farming from the US to UK

We jump across the pond to speak with members of the OMSCo Dairy Cooperative, the UK’s largest organic dairy cooperative…

Farm Diaries

The history of Amish, with farmer David Kline

David Kline is an Amish bishop as well as a farmer, writer and naturalist who lives in Holmes County, Ohio….