Out The Gap Podcast: A stable balance between a beef and horse enterprise

By Out the Gap
29th November 2023
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Meet the team at ‘Lackendarrs Stables’.

On a lovely October morning join Noel as he meets the team working and farming on this busy property in rural County Cork, Ireland. This former dairy farm is also home to a drystock beef enterprise alongside some contract rearing. Eddie Linehan along with brother and sister team, Dan and Jane O’Meara also specialise in buying year-old Thoroughbred horses every Autumn which they then ‘break’ and prepare for re-sale the following year at special ‘breeze up” sales. They also have a small number of breeding mares on site.

Join us for a morning spent out in the yard with the gang as they went about their busy day schooling the young horses.


About Out the Gap

My name is Noel Clancy. I’m a sheep and beef farmer based in South County Tipperary in Ireland. I recently started a podcast called, ‘Out the Gap’. The content is rural issues and Ag stories recorded live on site and in person with people in their own environment rather than over an Internet call or video link. You can find us on Instagram or Facebook as well as on Twitter: @OuttheGapPodcast