The power of a paleo diet: Meaty snacks with a rich history

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Susie and AJ go paleo and tuck into beef jerky and pork scratchings. Apparently beef jerky is particularly high in several micronutrients including magnesium, B12, choline, zinc, and iron. You could theoretically survive for an extended period on jerky alone. For many years similarly preserved smoked, dried, and salted foods have been used by travellers for long journeys (inc Mongolian herders and seafaring norsemen). Elsewhere in the world, quality jerky is made from a variety of animals including yak, kangaroo, alligator, venison, elk, buffalo, and boar.

Pork Scratchings were a food of the working classes with origins back to the 1800’s where families kept their own pigs at home, feeding them up for slaughter. Founders Nick Coleman of Snaffling Pig and Will Yates of Billy Franks explain how they make the traditional high protein meaty snacks and discover that pork scratchings are quite possibly the oldest snack on earth.

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