Bridging the gap between farmer and buyer

By Out the Gap
6th May 2022
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On a lovely Autumn day join Noel Clancy on the Twomey family’s pig and dairy farm in county Cork right on the edge of Cork city.

Hear from ‘Magic Mike’ and his band of ladies and join myself, Peter, Kate and their children as we take a stroll throughout the farm and hear about Peter’s love and enthusiasm for the free-range Pig enterprise.

Find out all about ‘the glen’ which is his favourite part of the farm and all about the latest market for their pork.

We also touch on the Irish Pig society, Winston Churchill, the dairy enterprise and have plenty of fun along the way too.

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My name is Noel Clancy. I’m a sheep and beef farmer based in South County Tipperary in Ireland. Out The Gap is an Irish food and farming podcast recorded across rural Ireland.


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