Inside Barber’s, the oldest cheddar-makers in the world

By Kite Consulting
4th November 2020
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It’s not just Chris Walkland’s puns that make this week’s episode scary….it’s our Halloween special. When we heard about the Halloween cheese that Barber’s cheesemakers had created for the US market,  we couldn’t wait to find out more.

This week, hosts Ben Eagle and Will Evans are joined by Michael Masters – head of milk supply and operations at Barber’s – and Kite’s managing partner, John Allen.

The team hear about the Barber’s business, including the Barber family farming operations and their dairy farmer suppliers; the range of cheese they produce; and the markets they are destined for!

Unusually though, it’s the milk market itself rather than Chris Walkland’s jokes that might provide the biggest fright this week.

This episode was first published on 30/10/20

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