What’s vertical farming? Dr Emma Campbell explains

28th May 2020
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You might get a surprise to see that plant scientist, Dr Emma Campbell, has a farm hidden inside shipping containers. That’s because she’s an expert in ‘vertical farming’.

Rather than a tour of the fields and a look at the soil, she takes you on a tour of the germination room and the different water systems that the plants grow in, explaining along the way why vertical farming is so important.

Want to have a go at building your own vertical farms?

Build your own vertical farm (beginner)

Build your own vertical farm (advanced)

About Dr Emma Campbell

Dr Emma Campbell currently works for the government funded Agri-Tech centre, Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) and Liberty Produce, carrying out vertical farming in specially converted shipping containers (IHCEA). Prior to this Emma spent 12 years in the field of potato research looking at bacterial diseases of potato.


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