Build your own vertical farm (beginner)

28th May 2020
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Join Dr Emma Campbell and her Junior Scientific Assistants Ben and Daisy for the first activity in a series on vertical farming.

In this video, they show you how to grow your own plants in a hydroponic set up at home. All you need is a little pot, a piece of cotton wool, some water and some seeds.

Within a week, you should see your plants sprouting!

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About Dr Emma Campbell

Dr Emma Campbell currently works for the government funded Agri-Tech centre, Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) and Liberty Produce, carrying out vertical farming in specially converted shipping containers (IHCEA). Prior to this, Emma spent 12 years in the field of potato research looking at bacterial diseases of potato.

About Ben and Daisy

Ben and Daisy live in rural Perthshire and love going for bike rides and walks in the countryside with their dog. They love finding sticks and pretending they are magic wands just like in Harry Potter.


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