Video: The journey of oats to porridge, with farmer Rich Heady

By Headys Farm
20th April 2020
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I’m Rich and I grow crops, including oats – come with me and see what oats are, how we grow them and what food we can make with them. I’ll even show you how to make flapjacks!

About Rich

Rich Heady is a mixed farm in Buckinghamshire. He has cattle, sheep and crops on his farm. I also. Rich says; “Come and join me for the highs and lows of farming cattle and sheep, along with growing a variety of crops for us and our animals to eat. Laugh with me, laugh at me, I don’t mind, just come and see how great British food is produced and why we do what we do.”

Rich was trained was trained in media and and video-production by Just Farmers – a project run by BBC broadcaster and journalist Anna Jones, and self-shooting producer/director in television, Alex Price.

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Combining oats on Rich’s farm