Farming popcorn in the USA

By Janice Person
6th February 2020
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In this episode, we talk popcorn with Matt Helms who is returning to his family farm part-time as he starts a popcorn business.

With a family tradition of farming, Matt tells us he wanted to participate in that while still living in the city and working off farm as well.

While he and his wife Michelle considered a few things, popcorn rose to the top and has become a family business that includes their young daughter Lily Ella. He talks about taking on a new level of risk and feeling more connected to his ancestors.

In this interview, Matt also shares his excitement for finding new customers and the help Lily offers as well as telling us about the various types of popcorn grown on the farm — heirloom, butterfly and mushroom.

He also talks about the various ways the family enjoys popcorn and gives a tip for a recipe that he says was a hit as a holiday appetizer!

After you listen to the podcast, you may want to check out a video tour on the farm as we learn about moisture testing, a key point in popcorn quality. You can also see members of the Helms family on the Grounded by the Farm page.

You can order directly from Ella & Ollie’s website and find Ella & Ollie Popcorn on Facebook.