Cartels, postmen, and testicles: The story of the avocado

By Gastropod
31st July 2019

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Avocados are on a roll. More precisely, they’re on toast. But how did this humble fruit, originally named after testicles, get from its Mexican forest home to a tattoo on Miley Cyrus’s upper arm?

A couple of summers ago British Vogue reported that more than 3 million new photos of avocado toast are uploaded to Instagram every day.

This episode, we unravel the avocado’s amazing journey, a story that involves not only conquistadors and cartel violence, but also a Southern California postman and actress Angie Dickinson lounging in a white leotard.

And we discover where the avocado is headed next — a place where it’s known as the butter fruit, and often consumed in shake form. Listen in now for all this creamy green goodness and more.

*This episode was originally published by Gastropod in May 2018

*Thumbnail Image by iwaro from Pixabay