How I run our sheep farm in Ontario – your FAQs

By Sandi Brock
8th May 2019
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I finally had a little opening in the sheep schedule to finally catch up on some comments and questions you all have had (thank you by the way) of how I run our sheep farm.

This video talks about the systems I use to be organised in all aspects of sheep farming: Lambing, breeding, weaning, marketing, manure management, and data collection are all touched on here in this video.

A big thank you to Cody Creelman for the gift of his generous help with this channel, a brand new hoodie, and of course his friendship. #sheep #sheepfarming #management

*Sandi is a mum, a wife, and sheep farmer in Ontario, Canada. In that order (most days). Her YouTube channel is all about wading the waters of these three versions of herself, learning new things each day, and sharing them with her followers.