Bringing home the bacon – British charcuterie

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We have a great combination in the studio today – gin and charcuterie. We’re joined by Shaun Cannon of Cannon and Cannon and Talula White of Sekforde Drinks.

British charcuterie was a bit of an oddity when Shaun started out. The general perception was that you couldn’t possibly make charcuterie in the UK because the weather conditions “weren’t right”. Well, just like British cheese, we now have a burgeoning charcuterie industry and according to Shaun we’re rather good at it.

He takes Sue and the team through a tasting feast of extraordinary British bresaola, air dried hams and chorizos – all from animals that are free range and ethically reared.

Eating all this charcuterie made Sue extremely thirsty, so thank goodness Talula was in the studio. If you’re overwhelmed by the range of weird mixers that now populate the supermarket shelves and can’t work out the perfect combination to go with your Sipsmith, Talula has solved the problem.

Sekforde make the perfect mixers to go with a range of spirits and she’s enlisted the help of Sharon to make some gin combinations to prove it.