Why start a farming podcast – with Will Evans

By EatFarmNow
8th February 2019
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Eat Farm Now’s editor, Jez Fredenburgh, asks Will Evans why he started his podcast, what it’s given him, and why it’s important farmers tell their stories.

Will is a farmer in the UK, co-founder of Eat Farm Now, and podcast host of Rock & Roll Farming, which gets around 4,000 downloads a week.

In 2018 he won Digital Innovator of the Year at the British Farming Awards for the success of his podcast and the stories he tells about the people in farming.

Jez is a freelance journalist and editor, and also co-runs her own podcast, Who Gives a Fork.

*Apologies for the slightly muffled sound on Jez’s side – her mic is out of action at the moment!

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