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I champion 'Team work is the key to successful farming'. I am a farmers' wife who fought through isolation after having 2 children very close together and as a partner in the farm business I didn't go back to work, so I concentrated on the day to day paperwork and accounts, which is as it sounds. It got to a point when I needed more and so did the farm, therefore I started writing as 'The Wife Behind The Farmer', organically paving its own path I now support other farmers' wives in a similar position to myself who are starting their own business or already have their own enterprises running along side their farm. I promote, encourage and engage with their ideas creating a platform when they need it. In 2018 I was a finalist at The British Farming Awards in the Digital Innovator category, not being a farmer by trade this was a huge achievement for me.


Feeding kids with knowledge from field to fork

As a farmer’s wife and mummy of two young children, I have my gripes about living and working on a…