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I’m a third generation mixed arable & beef farmer in Leicestershire, England. Never to be seen without my two Jack Russells, Ted & Toby.

Lockdown Learning

An introduction to longhorn cattle – with farmer Joe

Watch Joe introduce you to his herd of English longhorn cattle, with some fascinating facts. Did you know that cattle’s horns…

The Big Issues

Brexit: Why we must end the hypocrisy in our food debate

If we are to support our farmers in transitioning to a financially and environmentally sustainable food and farming system after…

The Big Issues

Opinion: Rewilding is not the answer to the climate crisis

Last week, Prof Sir Ian Boyd, former chief scientific adviser to the UK government, suggested that 50% of UK farmland…

Farm Diaries

Joe does a morning stock check on the farm

Every morning on the farm starts with checking on our cattle to make sure they’re okay. This was shot in…

The Big Issues

A farmer’s demands to Boris Johnson’s government

“As a farmer, I have four key asks of the incoming government”, says Joe Stanley, a mixed farmer in the…

Farm Diaries

Video: How does a combine harvest cereals?

English farmer Joe Stanley, filmed his barley harvest from the combine earlier this year – he explains how it works….

The Big Issues

Video: Joe Stanley on food production and nature

Joe Stanley talks about how nature and food production exist together. “British farmers are proud of our environmental management of…

Farm Diaries

Autumn throwback: Joe goes ‘bale carting’ with Ted

One of the many harvest jobs – bale carting of straw, to provide us with bedding and feed for our…