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About Deep South Sheep and Beef

Farming sheep and beef in the deep south of New Zealand. Weekly updates of what's happening on farm from Ben Dooley.

Farm Diaries

Feeding the sheep downhill: Ben battles council rules in NZ

New Zealand sheep farmer Ben Dooley explains why a controversial regulation is causing problems as he tries to feed his…

Farm Diaries

All about the swede – moving the sheep in New Zealand

Winter mode is well under way here in New Zealand and all the sheep are going onto swedes. Amazing weather,…

Farm Diaries

Sheep, dogs and eels – a week on Ben’s NZ farm

New Zealand farmer Ben shares his week rounding up the sheep with his dogs, finding an eel, and rescuing yet…

Farm Diaries

Beef and sheep farmer, Ben, gets ready for winter in New Zealand

Another week on the farm as we get ready for winter here in New Zealand.. Belly crutching done, lambs all…