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Ben Eagle is Head of Podcasts at RuralPod Media which produces farming and rural based podcasts including Meet the Farmers and Rural Business Focus.


Meet The Farmers Podcast: Making a Small Mixed Farm Pay its Way

Andrew Court runs the family’s 275-acre mixed farm with his mother and brother. The rotation includes winter wheat, spring oats,…


Meet The Farmers Podcast: What is the future for Agroforestry?

The Agroforestry Show was held on 6th-7th September 2023 and was organised by The Soil Association and the Woodland Trust. Ben…


Ben meets Noel: Farming and Podcasting in Ireland

Noel Clancy, a beef and sheep farmer from Tipperary in Ireland and a farming podcaster (Out the Gap Podcast) is…


Producing Food that Does You Good

‘We are what we eat’, goes the saying, but how much do you think about how nutritious your food is?…

Farm Farming Today

Do we need to regenerate farming?

Regenerative farming has become a common phrase in farming circles and an increasing number of farmers are exploring and starting…


The farmer showing children how food is produced

Across the country, hundreds of farmers are volunteering to go into schools to tell children about their work and about…


Meet Our Contributor Jen Braithwaite

Jen Braithwaite is one half of ‘JB Farming Life’ who you might recognise as one of the regular contributors to…


How to Get on the Dairy Farming Ladder

Cornish dairy farmer Heydon Dark was awarded the Young Dairy Farmer of the Year award at the 2022 Cream Awards….


From Chef to Farmer

Karl Franklin started his career as a chef, before falling in love with farming and becoming a sheep farmer. Ben…


Run 1000 Back Again to Champion Rural Mental Health

Eat Farm Now is proud to be supporting #Run1000, which is back for a THIRD year this month. Taking place…


One Man and His Dogs – Meet the ‘New Entrant of the Year’

New entrant James Edwards farms sheep across four different counties and around 4000 acres. And yet, he owns just four…

Farm Farming Business

Taking the Leap: Why is this West Country Farmer Looking to Change?

Arable farmer Emily Addicott-Sauvao is looking at the future sustainability of her farm, growing alternative break crops such as quinoa…


”Never Give Up”: a farming dream come true

Jim Beary had a farming dream from a young age and never gave up to achieve his ambition. Now farming…


The Yorkshire Shepherdess

Ben Eagle speaks to Amanda Owen, who is probably one of the most recognised farmers in the UK, having appeared…


An Apple a Day

Ben Eagle speaks to Ali Capper in this episode of the Meet the Farmers Podcast. Ali grows apples and hops…


Loud, proud and unashamedly speaking from the heart, meet That Welsh Farmer!

He’s the latest farmer to be taking the internet by storm through his funny and educational videos on the realities…