Working with Wool: Life at the Spinning Wheel

By Out the Gap
12th October 2023
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Canoeing, wool spinning, turf wars, farming, politics and more!

Meet wool spinner, Séamus Kirwan on a Summer’s evening and join myself and Séamus as we chat about his life and his passion for his craft. In a beautiful part of Galway on the west coast of Ireland I hear all about this intricate art of working with wool and find out about the hours of work that go into each piece. I was also lucky enough to be let have a go on a spinning wheel under the guidance of the man himself, whilst we were recording.

As the listeners will hear, Séamus is a very engaging individual and shares many stories and lessons from his life so far.


About Out the Gap

My name is Noel Clancy. I’m a sheep and beef farmer based in South County Tipperary in Ireland. I recently started a podcast called, ‘Out the Gap’. The content is rural issues and Ag stories recorded live on site and in person with people in their own environment rather than over an Internet call or video link. You can find us on Instagram or Facebook as well as on Twitter: @OuttheGapPodcast