Beef Farming in the Shadow of the ‘Devil’s Bit’

By Out the Gap
9th July 2023
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In this latest episode of the Out the Gap Podcast host Noel Clancy is joined by Tipperary beef farmer, Catherine Guest on her farm in north Tipperary.

Catherine has a very evident deep love for the land, her area and the animals in her care. We hear about the generations before her who worked this farm and how in her everyday work she feels many of the features on her property such as the hedgerows provide a ”link to the past”. Catherine had dairy cows until 2004, and she now keeps a small ‘suckler’ herd with the calves ‘suckling’ on their mothers, hence the name.

Noel and Catherine discuss the many challenges facing the agricultural industry in general, and other debates including the climate crisis, and consider what the future might have in store on Catherine’s own farm.

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My name is Noel Clancy. I’m a sheep and beef farmer based in South County Tipperary in Ireland. Out The Gap is an Irish food and farming podcast recorded across rural Ireland.


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Image Credit: Noel Clancy