Combine Talk: one farm’s experience of harvest 2022

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The summer may seem a long time ago but it’s a key time in the farming calendar. In this video Jen from JB Farming Life talks from the combine harvester about her experience of harvest this year, including the difficulties of bringing in the usually ‘easy to combine’ bean crop.

James and Jen grew beans and linseed this year on their farm in Lincolnshire.


About James and Jen – JB Farming Life

James is a farmer originally from Yorkshire and Jen is a Lincolnshire girl who juggles a full-time job with life on the farm. They live together in Lincolnshire, Great Britain on an all-arable farm growing combinable crops (wheat, oil seed rape, beans, oats and have tried a bit of soya in the past). James is farming full-time and mostly alone, while Jen helps where she can! They started making videos to talk/share the thing that they love most – farming.
Image credit: JB Farming Life