From grass to glass: A day in the life of a grazing gal

By Sophie Gregory
29th September 2022

Watch the process involved in milking organic dairy cows.

I’m not from a farming background, so it’s important for me to educate people on the process behind what’s in their glass.

My husband Tom and I milk 370 cows which calve in the spring and autumn, using a mixture of Friesians, Jerseys and Shorthorns – our cows are bred for longevity, milk solids (fat and protein for cheese production) and their ability to convert grass into milk without needing lots of concentrated feed.

This video shows a day in the life of one of our grazing gals…

About Sophie

Sophie and her husband Tom are first-generation organic dairy farmers with three young children. They farm about 900 acres on the Dorset / Devon / Somerset border in partnership with a business partner.