Ever wondered how eggs get into plastic trays?

By Ioan Humphreys
29th September 2022

It’s one of those things when you’re in the middle of a mundane task and you stop for a second and think, “how does this work?”

This short video shows you some of the process involved in packing eggs neatly into trays.

Around 30,000 eggs go through this process every day, or 210,000 a week or 11,000,000 a year.

From here they go on to a packing station where they get sized, date stamped and put into boxes for the supermarket shelves.

About Ioan Humphreys

Ioan manages a 500-acre farm that has been in his family since 1903, and now has 850 ewes (Welsh Mountain, Welsh Speckled Face, Texel, Suffolk and Welsh Mules), 20 cattle (Hereford, Angus and British Blue suckler cows with a pedigree Limousin bull) and 32,000 laying hens.

Ioan’s favourite part of farming is working with the animals, seeing them grow and improve throughout the year, as well as improving the land. He also enjoys speaking to others about farming and often holds open days at the hen shed for agriculture students and other farmers who are looking to diversify into poultry.