From field to smoker, the free range farmers smoking their own bacon

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A film about the creative process and lifelong passion of farmer, Jed, who has been building smokers out of filing cabinets since he was a kid, and now rears and smokes his own animals with wife Emma.

Jed and Emma are free-range farmers in the Chiltern Hills and sell their beef and pork through their farm shop and honesty box, Blue Tin Produce. They say;

“In 2002, we set about rearing our own meat to supply ourselves, our families and friends as an experiment after becoming increasingly frustrated with the quality of the meat available from the supermarkets.

“Jed had worked within farming and on the farm itself for 25 years and had always had a keen interest in rearing his own animals, in particular pigs.

“We now have a herd of 86 Dexter beef cattle, a never ending farrowing of our free range Gloucester Old Spot pigs, and nearly 100 chickens.

“Our breeds are particularly suited to the free-range outdoor lifestyle, the Dexters are a very hardy breed who thrive on the rough chalk grazing and our pigs spend their entire lives in free range grass paddocks with cosy straw bedded huts for the winter and deep wallows in the Summer.”