What kind of beds do cows sleep on?

By Thisfarmlife
8th July 2020
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Farmers use a variety of materials for cow bedding, from sand to sawdust and shredded paper. The material is usually chosen for its comfort factor and availability.

On Charles’s farm, a different material is used. Cow poo is collected and recycled into a pulp, that’s used for bedding the cows. This material is both good for the environment and healthier for the cows.

About Charles and his farm

Charles is a mixed dairy, beef, and arable farmer, working in partnership with his father and two brothers in Warwickshire. They milk 350 Holstein cows, using both conventional and robotic systems. They grow wheat, barley, oilseed rape, oats, potatoes, and maize over 1300 acres, as well as having diversified into industrial units.

Charles is married to Linda, a primary school teacher, and they have two children, Chloe and Henry. He has a real passion for education and helping people gain a better understanding of the food they eat and how it is produced.

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About Just Farmers

Charles was trained in media and video-production by Just Farmers – a project run by BBC Broadcaster and Journalist Anna Jones, and TV self-shooting producer/director, Alex Price.


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