Flooded fields and dry desert – James and Jen get drilling

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April and May proved to be a busy time on the farm as we worked around the clock to get everything planted. After the lakes we’d had in the field all winter and six months of continuous rain, we didn’t predict it would become the desert that it is now.

It became a challenge to ensure the seeds went into moisture. Find out what’s been happening on the farm, how we got the drilling done and why we’re now (ironically) hoping for some rain!

About James and Jen

James is a farmer originally from Yorkshire and Jen is a Lincolnshire girl that juggles a full-time job with life on the farm. We live together in Lincolnshire, Great Britain on an all-arable farm growing combinable crops (wheat, oil seed rape, beans, oats and we’ve tried a bit of soya this year).

James is farming full-time and mostly alone, while Jen helps where she can! We started making videos to talk/share the thing we love most – farming. The industry has a tough time in the UK and we face a lot of challenges people don’t even realise, but it’s a way of life that we enjoy!

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