What’s it like being a nutritionist? 

By EatFarmNow
9th June 2020
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In this video, Barbara explains what it’s like to be a food safety and nutrition consultant, and why she loves her job.

She explains how she helps food businesses to make safe and healthy food, which sometimes involves traveling to where the product or ingredients are grown or made, such as a pineapple plantation in Indonesia.

Barbara also explains why nutrition is important to be healthy and happy, introducing the Eat Well Guide. She also demonstrates how to prepare a tasty and nutritious pizza recipe.

About Barbara

Barbara is a food safety and nutrition consultant working with growers and food manufacturing businesses. She is a big fan of science and has three science degrees!

She loves food, especially vegetables, and enjoys communicating with people. She recently gave a TEDx talk on Diet, Diversity, and the Future of Food. You can watch it here.

Follow Barbara on Twitter.

A thank you to farmer Charles Goadby who helped produce this film with Barbara. Watch some of Charles’ videos here.


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