What’s it like being a vegetable farmer?

By EatFarmNow
8th June 2020
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Join Tom as he quizzes his dad Gordon about being a vegetable farmer. Tom asks his dad about how he became a farmer, and about the best and worst bits of farming

One of Gordon’s favourite things? He loves carrots, and if he’s hungry in the field, he can just lift one out of the ground and take a bite.

Another of Gordon’s favourite things about being a farmer is getting to care for things, and helping them to grow.

About Gordon

Gordon Caldwell grows his vegetables at Dowhill Farm near Turnberry in Ayrshire. He has been farming there for almost 12 years and says he grows some of the tastiest vegetables in Scotland, especially his carrots!

Other crops that grow well on his farm are beetroots, broccoli, purple cauliflower, romanesco, and even purple carrots.

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