What does an agronomist do?

By EatFarmNow
5th June 2020
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As an agronomist, Kathryn spends most of her time in fields looking at crops and helping farmers to keep them healthy.

Join her and her dog Winston in fields of wheat and cabbages, as she explains how she checks the health of plants and tests the pH of the soil. Bring an umbrella with you!

Kathryn also explains how technology like satellite imagery is becoming more and more important in her work.

About Kathryn

Kathryn has been working as an arable and vegetable produce Agrii agronomist in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire for the last five years. She grew up on a fruit and veg farm in the Vale of Evesham. She says, “I really enjoy the variety of the job, with every day presenting a new and different challenge. Winston, my four-legged helper provides great company on long days crop walking and it’s great to be able to have him with me at work”.

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