What do barn owls eat? – with farmer Brian

By EatFarmNow
26th May 2020
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Shhh! Farmer Brian has to whisper so he doesn’t disturb some special guests in his barn. Can you guess who’s tucked away in the nest box? It’s a family of barn owls!

Brian picks up a barn owl pellet from underneath their home and takes it back to the farm office for some investigation. Join him as he guides you through a gruesome experiment to find out what the owls have been eating from around the farm.

About Brian and his farm

Brian helps to run his family’s farm in Suffolk, which is the same size as 1,400 football pitches! They grow crops like wheat, barley, linseed, beans and grass seed which end up on your plates or go to feed animals.

There are no livestock on Brian’s farm, but he works with other farmers who bring their animals to his farm. Brian and his family try to farm in a responsible way to protect all the nature and wildlife that live on their farm. They have 30 ponds, over 45km of hedgerow and lots of trees for wildlife to enjoy.

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Thumbnail Photo by Doug Swinson on Unsplash.