Slime time – with Dr Jenna Ross

By EatFarmNow
12th May 2020
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Feeling a little bit ‘sluggish’ on lockdown? Then why not learn more about these curious slimy creatures with slug expert, Dr Jenna Ross. Watch Dr Jenna share interesting facts about slugs and snails and explain how you can make your own slug trap at home!

There’s also a slug race, and slug and snail art ideas! Want to test your knowledge after watching the video? Try the Slime Time Quiz.

About Dr Jenna Ross

Dr Jenna Ross is a scientist with over 10-years of international experience working on malacology (slugs and snails) and biocontrol projects. She has also completed a Nuffield Farming Scholarship where she spent 26-weeks travelling the world in 2018 studying slug control.

Jenna currently works for the government-funded Agri-Tech centre, Crop Health and Protection (CHAP), and is a research fellow at the University of Aberdeen and Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

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About Ava and Grace

Ava and Grace live on a farm in Aberdeenshire and are particularly interested in slugs as Dr Jenna Ross is their Auntie. They love getting involved in science experiments and have been checking their slug traps regularly during lockdown.


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Thumbnail Photo by Валерия on Unsplash