How scientists use images to check plant health – with Dr Tom

2nd May 2020
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Find out how Dr Tom uses imaging technology to investigate the health of plants, as well as looking at problems such as pests and diseases. This is really important to farmers as it helps them monitor the health of their crops as they grow.

You can do your own imaging experiment here. 

About Dr Tom

Dr Tom Ashfield is a plant scientist who specialises in imaging and runs the Fine Phenotyping (this is just a fancy scientific name for imaging) Laboratory for the Agri-Tech centre, Crop Health and Protection (CHAP).

He helps a variety of people working in agriculture, such as farmers, businesses and researchers, to conduct imaging experiments. This includes using his specialist equipment to trial how well new control products work against pests and diseases. Find out more about Dr Tom and his imaging equipment.

About CHAP

CHAP stands for Crop Health and Protection. It is one of four UK Agri-Tech Centres created by the government to help British agriculture produce as much food as possible by developing new technologies to help growers and food producers.

CHAP brings together leading scientists, farmers, advisors, innovators and businesses to understand industry challenges, drive research and innovation and develop and trial solutions that transform crop systems.

We work with partners to translate and promote these solutions for market adoption and improved crop productivity. We want to increase crop productivity for future generations through the uptake of new technologies.


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