How satellites and drones help grow crops – with farmer Ally

By EatFarmNow
1st May 2020
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Did you know satellites and drones help farmers be more sustainable, sow seeds in a straight line, and monitor their crops from the skies?!

Watch farmer Ally Hunter Blair explain more with amazing aerial shots from his drone.

About Ally

Ally Hunter Blair, is a 33-year-old arable farmer in Ross-on-Wye, growing wheat, oilseed rape, barley, sugarbeet and soya.

He has diversified his farming business into equestrianism (horses) with his wife, Annie, who is a riding instructor. They had just opened a converted horse lorry as a glamping pod and were waiting for their first guests when before the coronavirus lockdown closed everything 🙈

Ally loves filming with his drone and is well known for it across Twitter. He’s filmed a couple of documentaries for TV, the latest being “Born Mucky – Life on the Farm” which aired this January.

He says: “I’m slightly obsessed by all things techy, from drones, to robot mowers – if it can be automated or is slightly geeky, I love it!”

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Thumbnail Photo by Michal Janek on Unsplash