How a farmer uses a mobile app to monitor his calves

By EatFarmNow
1st May 2020
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Find out how farmer Tom uses a mobile app to help keep his calves fed and healthy. Tom measures how well his calves are growing using a mobile app – this helps him know if they are on track and growing healthily. He also logs medications and movements of animals on and off his farm. This is similar to the red book and growth chart that we all have as children, where we keep track of our growth and immunisation.

About Tom

Tom is a young farmer who is just starting out and is growing his farm through rearing calves. He has 100 to 200 calves at a time on his farm and feeds them milk and grain to help them grow.

About Breedr

Breedr is a mobile app for livestock farmers to keep all the information about their animals in their pocket, helping make sure that every one of the animals is healthy and growing. It then helps the farmer sell those animals when they are ready to go to market.


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