Corn harvest 2019: Meredith attempts to drive her combine

By Meredith Bernard
28th September 2019
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Finally! The Gleaner combine got to go to work harvesting corn (for real). I really tried to drive it and she really almost didn’t make it. Thanks for being here for our long journey to this point – y’all are the best! And thanks for your support with my new online store, from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!

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Hi! I’m a farm wife, mama to two and coffee addict – raking my way through life on the farm, inviting you along. I believe all of our stories matter and that they all relate more than we think.

My husband, two children and I work and live on a beef cattle operation in Milton, NC on the Central NC/VA line. No two days are the same around here and I use this vlog to show the good, the bad, the hard and the rewarding we find in this life.

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