The surprising science behind cheese – and why it’s hard to fake

By Gastropod
7th September 2019
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Cheeeeese: That one word alone causes our stomachs to rumble and mouths to water. The sheer variety of flavours and textures created by only a few ingredients—milk, salt, enzymes, and microbes—is astounding: hard and soft, creamy and crumbly, richly umami and sweetly savory.

For thousands of years, humans have been transforming animal milk into one of the most diverse and delicious substances in the world.

But what is it about milk that makes it so uniquely suited to this particular magic trick? And why is it so hard to recreate using non-animal-based substances? This episode: real cheese, vegan cheese, and the real vegan cheese of the future.

Thumbnail Photo by Katrin Leinfellner on Unsplash