Fishy tales: The impact of omega oils on our bodies and oceans

By Gastropod
14th August 2019
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You’d be forgiven for believing that the fish oils known as omega-3s are the solution to every problem – heart disease, dementia, depression, even obesity. But what do they really do to our body?

And with more than ten percent of Americans taking a capsule of fish oil daily, omega-3s are one of the most profitable supplements in the world, too.

Are omega-3s really the key to a healthy old age? And, if we should be consuming more omega-3s, then how much, and in what form? From cod liver oil to cardiovascular risk, listen in this episode for the history and science of America’s favorite fatty acid.

Listen in this episode, as author Paul Greenberg and scientist JoAnn Manson help us figure out what these supposedly miracle molecules are, and what consuming them is doing to our bodies—and to our oceans.