Edible pleasures: A textbook of aphrodisiacs

By Katie Q
12th August 2019
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My guest today, Lana Citron, is an Irish author, scriptwriter, poet, teacher (and sometimes stand-up comic!). Her most recent book was just released, “Edible Pleasures: a Textbook of Aphrodisiacs.”

We begin by talking about the fascinating universal experience of aphrodisiacs, which appears in every society worldwide:

“The relationship between food and sexual desire goes back to time immemorial,” she says. (Although kissing is not universal! She explains that). She also talks about the correlation between eating and kissing.

We also talk about the varied experiences she has had throughout her less-than-traditional career path, and the day-to-day of her life as an author. Lana follows her curiosity to delve into each new project and we chat about what she has learned about humanity and sensuality in the process.

Regarding the importance of stories in life, she says; “We have a thirst for it as humans. We want stories. Everything we do is in story mode. Songs, books…”

There are many powerful and honest moments in our chat — I hope you enjoy this episode!

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