From French field to fork: The journey of Comté cheese

By Katie Q
26th May 2019
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I spent a week in rural France to learn about how their beloved Comté cheese is made and what makes it so special. Comté is the highest consumed PDO (protected origin) cheese in France, and yet so many people in the USA haven’t even heard of it.

THAT needs to change, because this cheese is EPIC. I partnered with the Comté Cheese Association to bring you this video, but I promise you that my raving about this cheese is 100% my true opinion.

I left this trip with so much admiration for the farmers and cheese makers who have devoted their lives to this craft. When you taste the cheese, you can tell it’s special. Watch the video to see why!

For loads more information on Comté cheese and all the intertwining, integrated aspects of how its made, visit