Potatoes on Mars: What could we farm in space?

By Gastropod
1st May 2019
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Today, a half century after Neil Armstrong took one small step onto the surface of the Moon, there are still just three humans living in space — the crew of the International Space Station.

But, after decades of talk, both government agencies and entrepreneurs are now drawing up more concrete plans to return to the Moon, and even travel onward to Mars.

Getting there is one thing, but if we plan to set up colonies, we’ll have to figure out how to feed ourselves. Will Earth crops grow in space — and, if so, will they taste different?

Will we be sipping spirulina smoothies and crunching on chlorella cookies, as scientists imagined in the 1960s, or preparing potatoes six thousand different ways, like Matt Damon in The Martian?

Listen in this episode for the stories about how and what we might be farming, once we get to Mars.